Burroughs Wedding

A wedding reception is your gift to your family and friends. After all, they have come bearing gifts for you. What better way to return the favor than to give them a party they will still remember when you start having grandchildren! Your caterer will provide the food. Your banquet hall and florist will provide the proper ambiance. And a great DJ from Windjammer will complete the evening by helping you choreograph the party to your liking.

What do you get when you hire a DJ from Windjammer?

At the wedding ceremony, we can, at your option, provide the proper processional and recessional music, plus any special requests during the service itself. If you have a singer who needs musical accompaniment, we can provide it.

During cocktails, we play appropriate background music-- it can be anything from classical piano instrumentals or light jazz. If you have a preference, we will gladly accommodate it.

During dinner, our music is usually either classical or light jazz instrumental. Again, if you prefer something else, we will be happy to customize our music accordingly. Your Windjammer DJ can visit each table, meet your guests and find out what music they'd like to hear. Guaranteed to loosen them up, and make them feel like dancing.

After dinner, we introduce the bride and groom onto the dance floor for the first dance as husband and wife. If you want a separate song for the rest of the wedding party it would be next followed by the bride/father and groom/mother dances. Of course, we take requests for the rest of the evening, unless you specifically ask us not to. And of course don’t forget about the fun dances to help get your guests involved, please visit the Special Wedding Dances Page to find out more!

Okay, Dave Everything Sounds Great. What Do We Do Next?

It's simple. Pick up the phone right now and call. I can talk about your wedding in detail, answer any questions you might have, and I will see how Windjammer Disc Jockey Service can make your reception the best ever.

Please call as soon as possible. Due to my very busy performance schedule, dates fill quickly and I don't want you to be disappointed.

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